1.2: Interpreting the History and Physical Interview - Round 1

Interpreting the History and Physical Interview

This module is focused on understanding healthcare discourse through interpreting a history and physical interview.  The HPI is a fundamental patient entry point to the U.S. healthcare system. 

We have filmed an HPI specifically for this module.You will be working with this interview in a variety of formats with a variety of resources to build your understanding of how to interpret healthcare discourse. 

In order to be prepared for thinking about healthcare discourse, go ahead and interpret it a first time. This is an opportunity for you to identify the areas you need to focus on as you go through this workshop.

Good luck in your first attempt here.

Information from Interpreter Referral Service:

A Deaf patient has an appointment with a family practice doctor who is a partner with the patient's regular doctor.  (Her regular doctor is on leave.)  The patient is concerned about recurring headaches. Appointment is at 1:00 pm on Monday.

Meet the Physican: Dr. David Jorde

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Meet the Patient: Michelle Stuart

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The Appointment without Interpretation

Reflection Point

For the first time interpreting this, we recognize that you may not feel as comfortable with the information or the intent of the physican or patient.  In the next few steps of this process, you will gain further insight into how to approach this assignment.  Given this, please spend a little time reflecting on your work. You must respond to the following questions (in writing) at a minimum, but if you have other thoughts you want to share, please do.  

  • Overall, how did you feel about your interpretation?  What specific portions of the interpretation contributed to your assessment?
  • Which sections in the interpretation seemed strongest to you?  What was happening during those times?
  • Which sections in the interpretation seemed most challenging?  What was happening during those parts of the HPI?
  • Are there any parts of the interview that you wish you had more information or background about? 
  • What will you be looking for as you move into the next steps of the process?

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