3.1: Interpreting the HPI - Round 2

Now that you have had an opportunity to build your understanding of the HPI - from both a patient and a provider perspective, it is time to interpret this interview again. 

This time, we will have you work through a more complete process with the the appointment. It will once again come with three steps.

  1. Step 1: you will create another interpretation with a reflection.
  2. Step 2: View the original interpretation created during filming and reflect on that.
  3. Step 3: Create a third interpretation incorporating everything you have had a chance to learn and reflect on that.

Interpreting the Appointment - Round 2

Knowing that, move onto creating another interpretation.  (If you can film it to use for your reflection, please do so.)

Information from Interpreter Referral Service:

A Deaf patient has an appointment with a family practice doctor who is a partner with the patient's regular doctor. (Her regular doctor is on leave.) The patient is concerned about recurring headaches. Appointment is at 1:00 pm on Monday.

Meet the Physican: Dr. David Jorde

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Meet the Patient: Michelle Stuart

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The Appointment without Interpretation

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Reflection Point

Now that you have interpreted this appointment for the second time, reflect on what you learned from your original attempt.

  • How did your interpretation different from the first time?
  • Did you notice improvement in the areas that you had identified as challenging?
  • What learning from patient or provder perspectives proved particularly valuable as you interpreted this again?
  • What areas are still challenging?

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