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Foot Problems

by Estina Beldon

English Translation by Paula Gajewski-Mickelson and Courtney Hanrahan

Last week, or maybe 2 weeks ago, I hurt my foot and now I’m pretty concerned. So 2 weeks ago my boyfriend and I were walking somewhere we shouldn’t have been, instead of following this trail. We were curious because there was wood everywhere. It looked like there was an old house that had fallen down. When I was walking around I suddenly stepped on something sharp—it hurt! My boyfriend helped me put a band-aid on it and some ointment. When I went home I didn’t say anything to my parents and just tried to deal with it so they wouldn’t get mad. But it really hurt. And then I noticed my jaw was hurting when I tried to move it. So I finally told my parents and of course they freaked out and were saying I need to go to the doctor and to get a tetanus shot. Do you think I need a shot or is there some sort of medicine I can take and just bandage it?—I think it could be infected because of the puss around it. Or maybe like something we can put on it and wrap it? Do you think I should get the shot because of my jaw? I’m kinda worried about lock jaw. What do you think?

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