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California Bill Requires More Hospital Interpreting Services

Following a debate over whether it was a costly government mandate or an instrument for enhancing care, the California Assembly has voted to pass a bill that would require state hospitals to provide additional interpreting services. (Hospitals are already required to... read more

Inadequate Use of Trained Interpreters in New Zealand

According to two studies by the University of Otago at Wellington, more funding is needed to address the failure of New Zealand healthcare providers to use trained interpreters. The consequences of the current level of interpreter use, say the study’s authors, could... read more

A Case for Trained Medical Interpreters

Dr. Alice Chen, a physician in San Francisco who speaks three languages (Mandarin, Spanish, and English) relates an experience of working with an Arabic-speaking patient.   It is an excellent commentary from a physician about how having medically trained interpreters... read more

Computer Translations of Drug Labels Often Wrong

According to a new research study, computer programs that pharmacists depend on to translate prescription labels are prone to potentially dangerous errors. Examples of mistakes include the translation of “once a day” into “eleven times a day”;... read more

Language Barriers Endanger Patient Health in US

Cases of patient care jeopardized by language difficulties were discussed at the recent Collaborating for Healthy Communication event at Cuyamaca College . Eleven years ago, the Institute of Medicine reported that 44,000 people die annually in the United States as a... read more

New Era of Professional Healthcare Interpreters

The New Era of Professional Healthcare Interpreters This article, on AMN Healthcare, talks about the important role of having professional interpreters in healthcare settings. Click here to read it. (10/23/09) read more