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March 2023 Module: Introduction to Pharmacology & Medical Terminology

This course will be available March 1-31. This module is an introduction to pharmacology and how medications impact the body.

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August 2023 webshop Audiology: a Deaf Perspective

This course will be available August 1-31. This offering comes from the explanation and perspective of a Deaf Audiologist. It will introduce you to fundamental background information about the general process of hearing, hearing-related appointments, and assistive technology you may be in contact with during these interactions.

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March 2024 webshop: Employment’s Impact on Healthcare Outcomes

This course will be available March 1-31. Employment and health are inextricably linked. Employment and income have a direct impact on life expectancy, quality of life, and healthcare costs. Relatedly, medical health…

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February 2023 Module: Healthcare Systems for Sign Language Interpreters

This 20 hour module provides sign language interpreters the foundational understanding of healthcare systems. It will cover the additional barriers Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing individuals experience and how those impact health outcomes.

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Behavioral Health Interpreting Resources for Educators and Mentors

This free series offers you an opportunity to review the our modules and webshop and to explore ways to incorporate them into your educational curriculum. Click on the + icon to read more about each offering. June 30-July 7: Intro to Assessment and Screener:... read more

Dear White Interpreters – April 19-May 14 Agreement Form

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